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Lawless Club Inferno
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Lawless goes behind bars with a group of hardcore repeat offenders and corrupt cops who give a whole new meaning to serving hard time. Club Inferno's Jackson Lawless leads the pack of fist-pigs so criminal they're Lawless. Officer Colin Steele patrols the cell block, taunting inmates like a menacing bully. Spotting James Aaron sitting alone on his bunk Steele knows he’s found his next victim. The handsome cop shoves his cock through the bars and orders Aaron to suck it. When Steele enters the cell they begin a twisted ritual of mutual fist-fucking on the prison bunk. Both men open their holes and drain their loads all over the prison floor. Prisoner Jackson Lawless makes the rounds handing out mail when he spies new inmate Chad Brock. Brock complains that he's horny as hell and within minutes stuffs his fat cock in Lawless' mouth. But Lawless, the ultimate greedy fist-pig, isn't satisfied. He orders Brock to shove his big cock and meaty paws up his ass. Finally, with the help of a contraband dildo, both men get their nut. Officer Craig Reynolds works the night shift at the local jail. Watching the inmates pissing and jacking off in the shower gets him so horned up he decides to put on a show. The 225 lb. bodybuilder slowly strips out of his uniform to reveal his chiselled muscles and fat, rock-hard cock. He produces an arsenal of dildos and butt toys which he tauntingly shoves up his hungry hole. Finally he inserts his nightstick and shoots a hot sweaty load for his captive audience. Being an inmate without a cellmate can be lonely but Chad Brock has a 14-inch black dildo hidden in his pillowcase to provide some escape from the tedium. He lies on his side and begins to work his big muscle butt with the corkscrew-shaped fuck toy but gets interrupted when the guards throw Rex Roddick into his cell. Roddick fucks the hairy stud with some giant toys before finally bending over himself to take a good portion of a three-foot double-header up his smooth blond butt. Jackson Lawless' reputation as the prison cock sucker proceeds him when Adam Russo spots him taking a piss. Russo immediately drops his mop and pulls out his hard cock for some expert head. Lawless lets Russo know he's down for more hardcore action by offering up his puckered hole. Russo eats Lawless' ass, priming it for his greasy fists. Lawless rides Russo's arm until they blow their loads all over the freshly mopped floor. Cast: Jackson Lawless, Craig Reynolds, James Aaron, Rex Roddick, Colin Steele, Adam Russo, Chad Brock