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Late Night Hit

Late Night Hit Raging Stallion
Late Night Hit Raging Stallion
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Porn-couple directors, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond take you coast to coast on a sexual tour of beautiful men and exciting places - from New York to California in this Late Night Hit, and as night falls, colour illuminates the sky before all goes black. This is when the city comes alive. Reflected in headlights, streetlights and neon signs, everyone's a stranger and men become nocturnal animals seeking release. As colourful Metro Miami sparkles out on the horizon, Trey and Valentin retire to their room but no one will sleep. Trey kisses down Valentin's hard lean muscled body, down to his extra large uncut cock. Trey feasts on it, savouring the flavour of extra skin. Valentin reciprocates going down on Trey's thick throbber, feeding on him voraciously - begging for it with his eyes like a dog on a bone. A true versatile exchange, first Trey flips Valentin on his back and rims his perfect white ass just before the deep plunge. When it's Trey's turn to get fucked, he takes that big stake like a pro and once nce Trey is flipped on his back, the two lock into hypnotic passion and release their hot loads onto sweaty jock muscle. Neon lights dance on the colourful sloping streets of nocturnal San Francisco. Lovers Shay and Logan kiss outside on their balcony as the noise of clanging Cable Cars and surging traffic rumbles below. He strips Shay naked and hungrily gulps down his hard cock. Powerful Shay is ready to take a taste of his willing bottoms' hole and bends him over a chair and spreads his cheeks. His tongue lubes up the hole in preparation for his throbbing cock. "Are you ready to get fucked?" he asks with deep confidence. Shay plows this meaty ass from behind with building momentum fucking him harder and harder. The sun sets over the water as night falls in the Keys and Tony sits outside in his towel after a long day in the sun. AJ comes out to join him and Tony goes for his hardening dick. Tony looks up at his buddy's ecstatic face as he sucks and slurps on his cock while releasing his own big meat from the constraints of his towel. AJ is ready to fuck and pulls Tony inside to the bedroom. Tony moans and thrashes on the bed as AJ pounds him hard. He flips him over for better traction and pounds him some more until he builds to an intense climax pulling out his cock and painting Tony's shiny ass with his cum. New York never sleeps, so why should Colby and Ben? Ben's loft is high above the midtown noise. Colby swings by for that Late Night Hit that always satisfies. They go right to it like they have many nights before - with an intense passion. When its time for fucking, Colby has a powerful thrust and his own sense of rhythm, slow and deep then fast and relentless. Furniture thrashes and walls shake. They fuck on the table, they fuck on the bed - but when Colby flips Ben to face him, he raises the intensity and the two eventually collapse in a pool of their sweat! Late Night Hit is exciting and powerful! Cast: Colby Keller, Ben Stone, Trey Turner, Logan Scott, Valentin Petrov, Tony Douglas, A.J. Monroe, Shay Michaels