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L'Experience Inedite

L'Experience Inedite
L'Experience Inedite Cadinot
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The well-known professor Boris Karpoff, a political refugee since his hurried departure from Belakistan, continues his bizarre research into the greatest secret of all in L'Experience Inedite - to read the mind and hidden dreams. Rumours lead everyone to believe that his experiment is about to succeed and with the aid of his three assistants he completes his machine for exploring dreams. At the last minute though, in the absence of the mad professor and despite his instructions, the three intrepid young assistants try out the machine before the final adjustments have been made. Carried away in a whirl of unbound fantasy, they are overwhelmed by the extreme sensuality of the dreams which occur. From innocent love between men until the ascent to heaven of pleasures, through raw and animalistic sex! With its stunning achievement and great actors, this plunge into the unconscious is an classic Cadinot experience from 1993 that is not to be missed! Cast: Christian Declerque, Claude Millau, Damien Carrey, David Bauman, Eric Vespucci, Friedrich Saxe, Giani Ascoli, Giani Rizoli, Gilles Barthlmy, Giorgio Robba, Jean-Claude Marchal, Lopold Mathias, Michel Bernardet, Nicolas Taeb, Nol Couderc, Rodolphe Albe