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L'Amour Jaloux

L'Amour Jaloux
L'Amour Jaloux Cadinot
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L'Amour Jaloux is a classic Cadinot from 1986 finally released on dvd. Who hasn't fantasised over X-rated magazines full of hot guys showing off their charms in all sorts of shameless positions? But what if it were your love staring back at you and other hungry onlookers? Would you be proud or jealous? Hank Reisner, star of Garçon près de la Piscine, seems to have found contentment. He lives in Paris with Pascal, a seriously cute young man. The two lovers live in perfect harmony until the day that Pascal discovers Hank has posed naked in a gay magazine. After a wild argument, they split. Jealousy leads Pascal in a quest for meaningless encounters to dirty his love and forget everything. He becomes the play-thing of unknowns, discovers what it's like to be loved by a camera lens and be possessed by demons. Cadinot explores a topic of society that's still relevant today - mental and physical faithfulness in the middle of the gay world. Some believe in it, some don't. And you? Cast: Hank Reisner, Bertrand Getty (a.k.a. Franck Getty), Djaï Kamara, Pascal (De)Leiris, Jacques Auvray, Julien Valmont, Sven Fischer/Fisher, Sven Kramer, Ralph Koeln, Jacky Rusty