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James Allen Punished

James Allen Punished Daddy Darby
James Allen Punished Daddy Darby
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Daddy Darby's favourite slave-boy gets a whole dvd dedicated to his pain and humiliation in James Allen Punished! Scene one opens with skinny James restrained on a table as Daddy Darby runs a spiked wheel across his body. Wincing as the spikes push down into James' skin, Daddy is soon concentrating his efforts on cock and balls and, with an appetite for punishment, dishes out some brutal spiking to James's throbbing and incredibly sensitive bell end! Scene two opens with James again restrained and on his back across a table with Darby attaching clothes pegs to James's nipples, balls, cock and abdomen. This is certainly not for the squeamish as James visibly yelps in pain while Daddy clearly relished asserting his authority over the young lad - even forcing him to deep-throat and gag on his cock. In scene three there's no let up in the treatment doled out to the young wretch. After Daddy locks James cock and balls in a cock-ring, he then bends James over the table and lets loose his spike wheel over his arse and back. James sucks on Daddy's heaving cock before a brutal face fuck leaves James gagging for more! After plenty of messy blowjob action, James pulls himself to a sticky finish across Daddy's black boots before Daddy empties his ball sac into James' cherubic face! The final scene is a nipple-biting showdown between master and slave. After grappling with Daddy's cock, Darby pushes himself into James' face with plenty of gagging before whipping and hand-spanking James and running a spiked wheel over James' foot. James then does a meticulous job downing every inch of Darby's cock until he's red in the face before it proves to be too much for Daddy and he blows his load across James' chest! Real British fetish here from the master of pain and humiliation and his submissive slave boy. Certainly not one for the squeamish! Cast: Daddy Darby, James Allen

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