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Inked Boyz 2

Inked Boyz 2 Raging Stallion
Inked Boyz 2 Raging Stallion
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Inked Boyz 2 features some of the hottest tattooed studs from classic Raging Stallion movies such as The Shaft, The Red And The Black, Hard As Wood, Your Masters, and Ink Storm, doing what they do best - hard ass pounding! In a scene from The Shaft, Tag Adams and Pete Ross both get a deep pounding by Montaz Morgan, his tattooed cock driving past home base until his bottom boys scream for relief! Gobs of cum fly, filling the elevator shaft with the smell of cock. The mood grows darker in the next scene from The Red And The Black. It's ominous and dangerous and all those things we are supposed to be afraid of but secretly yearn for. Danny Mann plays whipping boy to muscle daddy supreme Ken Braun. The two waste no time and Mann hangs onto a post, presenting his back to the flogging skills of Braun. Danny turns the tables and it's Ken's turn to give up the goods - in this case, his rock-hard muscle ass. First with hefty dildos, then with a determined dick. Braun's butt takes a bombardment of epic proportions, proving versatility can mean a lot of things. Sex pigs Rafael Alencar and Colin West open this scene from Hard As Wood. The two are chopping wood on a ranch in Brazil, neither of them were too happy with all the hard work ahead of them. With their boss away, they decide to take the afternoon off for something better than stacking logs! The next deviant tableau starts with a scream as iron-dicked Steve Parker, hands bound behind him, is flogged by muscle pig Michael Ray while fucking muscle bear Damien to within an inch of his life in Your Masters. The harder Ray hits, the harder Parker fucks. Damien hangs on tight, feeling the full force of both man's energy being channelled into his ass. Like a high-powered circuit of sex, everyone is connected to the same power line of sleaze and unite in blinding flash erotic electricity. It's a classic set-up of the hunt and the chase in Ink Storm. Steve Cruz enters a tattoo parlour and finds wolf-man Logan McCree waiting for him. They show off for each other, disrobing and strutting. Logan invites Steve to the back of the shop and the action begins. The unbelievably beautiful Logan pulls out his fat, inked cock and Steve pounces on it like a cub at a picnic. He performs fantastic feats with his tongue on Logan's uncut rod before eating Logan's big, white, plump and inked ass. Steve then offers up his hairy pig hole and Logan pushes in deep, the tattoos on his cock marking the intensity of his fuck. Steve's eyes bulge maniacally as he takes the deep pounding. As Logan holds Steve's legs open wide to fuck him, the scale of his full body tattoos becomes apparent. Shot against incredible blue tile work of the tat parlour, their skin pops with vivid intensity as they rock and roll their way to creaming each other. Inked Boyz 2 is a two hour sex pig shag-a-thon featuring some of the big-cocked studs from Raging Stallion! Cast: Logan McCree, François Sagat, Steve Cruz, Tag Adams, Steve Cannon, Colin West, Nick Piston, Rafael Alencar, Montaz Morgan, Pete Ross, Danny Mann, Duke Rivers, Damien, Michael Ray