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Hungry Holes

Hungry Holes
Hungry Holes Butch Dixon
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Butch Dixon' hairy muscle men and daddies offer their horny holes and cock-hungry mouths for servicing duty in Hungry Holes. Cigar Smoking Daddy Oliver is decked out in full leather as he dominates Cristian, teasing his nipples and getting into some cigar play. Solidly built and with a salt 'n pepper beard, this bear brandishes a monster weapon which Cristian has trouble taking down his throat. Kneeling on the chair, Cristian offers up his butt to this dominant daddy who eagerly stretches it with an oversized dildo before replacing it with his extremely thick dick. He power fucks Cristian until both guys jack to the same tune and shoot a vigorous wad almost simultaneously. You'd think a handsome man like Ross Hurston could keep his nose clean, but this soldier is in trouble and in the brig again. This time he's facing some stern discipline from his big-dicked sergeant. When Carioca comes into Hurston's cell, the horny private wastes no time in pleasantries - he just gets down on his knees and starts to unbutton the sergeant's pants. Carioca sheds his shirt, revealing a perfectly chiseled and ripped torso. Ross wants to feel Carioca's fat uncut dick swelling in his mouth, and swell it does! Carioca then bends him over the bunk bed and starts inching that thick cock into Hurston's fuck hole. If the army was this hot, we'd all be clamouring to get in. A change of Butch Dixon direction in the next scene - still huge bear-like men, but with an added kink of rubber. Looking hot in rubber gas masks, shirts and chaps, Trey hauls Dolan's cock and balls out of his rubber jockstrap and begins tapping Dolan's big balls with his hand. The taps get harder as Dolan grunts and groans his way through the ball beating. However his cock is getting harder and stiffer, so it's clear that he really loves the rough-handling cock and ball play. Trey turns his attention to Dolan's erection and swats it with his open hand and, for a time, even gently kicks it with his boots. When the masks come off, Dolan gets on his knees and feasts on Trey's delicious uncut cock. And when leather man Trey has had enough of Dolan's mouth, he puts the hairy man in a barber's chair and gets started on a heavy ass play session. Jake Marcs is a sexy hairy man who loves to get fucked, be it with a dildo or taking it doggy style from a hot, hairy leather man, Jake Marcs is in heaven. Jake lies back, hoists his legs in the air and starts inching a dildo into his shaved fuck hole. Jake is definitely a pro when it comes to dildo fucking - the big, black dildo slides so easily inside him and after he warmed up his butt hole, Jake squats on a huge, tower-like dildo and made most of it disappear. Jake is a dildo magician and when this guy cums, he shoots a fountain. For those of you into thick, uncut cocks, hot leather Daddy Oliver from Butch Dixon should certainly give you a thrill. He's not alone here though, Mohawk sporting hottie Jock is on the scene with him. Oliver is a very dominant man usually, but this time the tables were turned and it's Jock who orders Daddy to his knees to work his already rock hard, cut man meat. Oliver was more than willing to play along with the game and dropped immediately to fulfill Jock's demands. Jock's domination doesn't end there though, he also gets to spear Oliver's bear behind with a voracity that knows no bounds, using Oliver's ass as his personal fuck toy. These holes are hungry and need filling! Cast: Carioca, Ross Hurston, Daddy Oliver, Cristian Torrent, Dolan, Trey, Jake Marcs, Jock