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Hot House Backroom 26

Hot House Backroom 26 Hot House Video
Hot House Backroom 26 Hot House Video
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Hot House Backroom 26 features dominant coaches, sex-crazed personal trainers and aggressive teammates who show the younger, more inexperienced guy show to bend over and take it up the ass like a champ. Topher DiMaggio shows off his skills as a personal trainer, coaching Riley Price through a brief workout. Riley moves through sit-ups and push-ups with ease, earning him a reward - Topher's big cock. Trent Diesel's summer job as a valet in a gay resort has some major perks. For instance, when he gets busted jacking off to Logan Scott's porno mag he begs the 6' 2" hunk to not tell his boss. Logan agrees as long as Trent gives up his big round ass. Trent keeps up his end of the bargain and bends over, offering Logan his muscle-butt who fucks him all over the motel room. Now that's room service. Cole Streets spies a giant dildo hanging out of JR Matthews' gym bag. When he questions the muscular redhead about it, JR responds by standing up to show off the bulge growing in his underwear. Cole goes down on JR's cock then kicks back for some head. As soon as JR sees Cole's huge piece of meat he knows he won't need his dildo. Before practice, Jake Austin shows rookie Diego Torres how to be a team player. He tosses the young Latino stud back on a bench in the locker room and manoeuvres into a 69 position, sucking Torres' thick cock while fucking his face. Austin's huge cock puts Torres to the test but he passes with flying colours when Jake flips him over and fucks his tight hole. Both studs shoot winning loads. John Magnum, the team's star pitcher, blames rookie catcher Kyle Quinn for losing the game. Kyle explains he doesn't really know the ins-and-outs of the position so John decides to show him. He orders Kyle to get on his knees and suck his big dick. John fucks Kyle's face then they switch places and John swallows Kyle's huge piece like an all-star. The true training begins when John bends over and pitches his monster-cock into Kyle's tight hole. Kyle struggles at first but eventually catches it like a pro. So suit up and get ready for the big league! Cast: Topher Dimaggio, Cole Streets, Diego Torres, J.R. Matthews, Jake Austin, John Magnum, Kyle Quinn, Logan Scott, Riley Price, Trent Diesel