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Hot House Backroom 20

Hot House Backroom 20
Hot House Backroom 20 Hot House Video
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Hot House Backroom 20 contains five smoking hot scenes starring some of the freshest faces ever! These nine young, hung studs are packing some serious meat. Put end to end, there's nearly six feet of rock hard cock and boy, do they know how to use it! Brandon Bangs and Zach Alexander meet up and the conversation quickly turns from video games to sex. When Brandon pulls out his fat uncut cock Zach makes a pig of himself, biting on the thick foreskin and covering the head in spit. He sucks Brandon's cock until its rock hard and ready to go up his ass. Zach has a huge cock of his own, which he strokes while he rides Brandon's fat one. All that meaty cock up his ass makes Zach cum and Brandon pulls out and shoots his load. Andre Barclay and Luke Riley show up ready to eat each other alive. The two had just met at the gym and were barely able to prevent themselves from fucking there and then. They only kiss for a few seconds before Andre makes a pig of himself on Luke's huge cock, gagging as he swallows it to the base. Luke flips Andre over and eats his perfect ass before he jumps on top of him and fucks him like a jackhammer. Jackson Lawless and Danny Brooks enter the room feverishly making out. They waste no time getting naked so Danny can suck Jackson's cock and get his hole wet. Danny gives Jackson a full-release reach-around before he pulls out and shoots his own load all over Jackson's back. Luke Riley strokes his fat cock until he's hard and ready for Jayden Loyd. Riley pushes him down on his knees so he can fuck his face. Loyd greedily deep-throats the huge tool before crawling up on the bed and spreading his ass. Riley eats the twitching hole then lubes it up for a wild fuck. He lays on Loyd's back and thrusts his cock deep into Loyd's hole like a fucking machine. When Conner Habib turns around to look for his rubber gloves Dayton O'Connor strips naked and jumps up on the exam table. O'Conner complains of a pain in his groin and Dr Habib readily checks him out. Before you can open up and say ahh, Habib has O'Connor's hard cock in his mouth. The cock-hungry patient turns the tables on Habib by sucking his cock then eating his ass. Now wet and ready, Habib sits down on O'Connor's fat tool and rides him until he blows! Hot House Backroom 20 is 90 minutes of non-stop man on man action! Cast: Brandon Bangs, Zach Alexander, Dayton O'Connor, Conner Habib, Andre Barclay, Luke Riley, Jayden Loyd, Danny Brooks, Jackson Lawless