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Hole Busters 02

Hole Busters 2 Hot House Video
Hole Busters 2 Hot House Video
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The handball all-stars from the Club Inferno Dungeon show you how real men play with toys, so grab your favourite butt-plug and get off with Hole Busters 2 as these notorious ass-pigs get into some extreme ass play. Ian Jay lives up to his reputation as a man who loves to get his hole plowed when he chooses the biggest toy in the arsenal - a two foot long dildo that can only be called the Man Rammer. The notorious ass-pig lies in a sling, slowly working the giant tool into his hole, and just when it looks like he can't get it in any deeper by himself, Cole Streets comes into the dungeon and takes over. Like a good buddy, Cole stuffs Ian's hole until nearly the entire toy disappears. Cole Streets shows us that he loves to get in touch with his prostate. The 6' 2" stud kicks back and pulls out his huge cock, showing off for the camera. Slipping out of his leather jock, he chooses a thick latex ramrod and works it into his ass. He shoves it in and out, stretching his hole in preparation for an even bigger butt toy - a two foot double-headed dildo. The non-stop assplay makes his cock rock hard and he blows his load. Craig Reynolds obviously works hard in the gym and this 6'2" bodybuilder has the muscles to prove it. He also works hard shoving things up his big round bubble butt. Watch him take some of the biggest toys in the dungeon and beg for more. Fresh, young stud Troy Daniels kicks back and works on his big cock, getting himself hot and horny. In no time he grabs a big dildo and works it into his tight hole. He pulls of his jock and sniffs it before choosing an even bigger toy. Jaxon comes straight to the set from his job at a local auto garage. The scruffy young stud strips out of his overalls to reveal that he's wearing nothing but a jockstrap underneath with a butt plug already squeezed into his tight hole. He pushes the butt plug in and out of his sweaty ass then replaces it with an inflatable dildo. He pumps air into the monster ass-toy, groaning as it stretches his hole before pulling out a jumbo latex fake cock, secures it to his toolbox, and rides it hard, giving us one hell of a hot show. Drake Jaden's a true hole buster. Drake does crunches on a workout ball with a butt-plug already in place and as soon as the cameras roll, he's naked and stroking his huge cock while pummelling his ass with a series of dildos and toys. There's no doubt he's into major ass play - his dick is hard the whole time and he blows a thick load - then licks it up. The Hole Busters are back and stretching their holes even farther than before. Watch as they take some of the biggest toys in the dungeon and beg for more! Cast: Craig Reynolds, Cole Streets, Drake Jaden, Ian Jay, Jaxon, Troy Daniels