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Hole Busters 01

Hole Busters 1 Hot House Video
Hole Busters 1 Hot House Video
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The handball all-stars from the Club Inferno Dungeon show you how real men play with toys in Hole Busters 1. Jackson Lawless and his hungry hole are the perfect choice for the opener. You'll want to grab the biggest toys in your toolbox and ride along with Lawless as he shoves an array of professional grade hole-busting dildos up his hot young smooth hole. Go deep and wide with Jackson and see if you can keep up. Sage Daniels chooses his favourite toy from his arsenal - the foot-long silicone anal beads. The tattooed muscle-pup bends over and shoves the first ball in, then the next one. All of the ass-stretching gets him ready for the big daddy - an enormous dildo as big around as his forearm. As soon as he shoves it in his hole his dick gets hard. The horny stud whips out his cock and blows his load - and eats it. Infamous Evan Matthews proves he's the reigning king of hardcore butt-play. The accomplished ass-pig starts off with a bang - an 18" long dildo as thick around as a man's arm. Matthews effortlessly sits down on the massive tool, pulling it in and out until he pops a bright rosebud. Valentin Petrov may be a chiselled stud with a horse-cock, but he shows how much he loves a big dildo up his ass. He selects an arsenal of huge toys and sets them up in order of size. The first one goes in pretty easily so he moves on to something a little thicker - a shocking 10" fake cock as big around as a baseball bat. He lubes up and bounces on the latex whopper until it disappears deep in his hole. Trent Diesel, a cornfed mid-Western hunk, starts with a pretty impressive foot-long dildo which he uses to prime his hole for a much bigger toy - a monster-cock, longer and twice as big around. He climbs up on top of the big daddy and bounces on it, causing his huge cock to burst right out of his leather jock strap. His cumshot pretty much drenches the camera man. So grab your favourite butt-plug and get off with the Hole Busters. Cast: Evan Matthews, Jackson Lawless, Logan Scott, Sage Daniels, Trent Diesel, Valentin Petrov