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High Tops

High Tops Raging Stallion
High Tops Raging Stallion
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Award-winning director Ben Leon brings guys in sneakers to the screen for a ride through San Francisco in High Tops. In what appears to be domestic bliss, Damien Crosse and Qpid Eros make sweet silent conversation as they share a café lunch. Back at the house, an afternoon snack turns into a three course meal full of cock-sucking, ass-eating, and deep-dicking. Damien gets a taste of Qpid's massive uncut sausage before bending him over and licking Qpid's ass. When Damien cums, he shoots all over Qpid's tennis shoes and licks it up obediently. JT Stryker and Conner Habib are working up a sweat in a car. JT is a hot little fucker with tattoos, piercings, and scars to accompany his "fuck you" attitude. Conner licks and tongues JT's cock before swallowing it whole. After the boys take turns sucking dick, they head off to another place where they can spread out. Each guy takes a turn on their knees, feeding dick to one another before both boys blow loads all over the concrete floor. Taking a break from work, Damian Rios is joined by Alex Eden. These two focus on each other kissing and sucking before heading back into the greenhouse where Damian works his way down Alex's chest to the bulge in his pants before Alex lays back and spreads his legs allowing full access to his hole! JT Stryker is smoking a cigarette before he strips naked and works on his big dick. JT likes a lot of lube and he covers himself in it as he works his nine inches. When he cums, it pops out of his dickhead onto his hand, which is soon in his mouth. Tristan Jaxx gets home and undresses on his way to meeting Manuel Deboxer on the couch. Tristan bends in for a kiss before working his way to Manuel's big uncut dick. Manuel's big hairy butt hides a beautiful hole which gets licked and prodded with Tristan's tongue before he suits up and begins to fuck Manuel, who is bent over doggy style on the couch. Manuel takes it like a champ as he swallows Tristan's load before blowing his own load onto the floor! Cast: Damien Crosse, Damian Rios, Tristan Jaxx, Manuel DeBoxer, Qpid Eros, Conner Habib, J.T. Stryker, Ethan Roberts, Alex Eden