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Hardware Rascal Video
Hardware Rascal Video
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In Hardware, you get to visit a high tech sex salon, where a man's fantasies come true through the use of virtual reality. Rob Romoni works at Sex-o-tronic, a high tech company that specializes in the newest virtual sex technology. In this day and age of virtual reality and Internet porn, whatever you wish, whatever you want and anything you desire can be obtained in an instant. For a fee, of course. Nervous Mr Wilson, a shy business man played by Johnny Hazzard, has his first appointment at Sex-o-tronic. He logs into the computer system and enters his fantasy - he wants to become a rough boy. His dreams are answered as he is instantly transformed into a tattooed muscular sex pig, and finds Joshua Adams waiting for him in the dark room. Every inhibition is left behind as these two studs ravage each other into sexual bliss. Officer Chad Thomas is the next in line to try out the new system. He is an immigration officer and never has time to have any fun for himself, so he logs in his fantasy and soon finds the tables have turned - he is himself locked up in prison and behind bars. It's after hours and Prison Officer Randy Gunz is horny and on the lookout for some fresh young jail meat. He comes across Chad in his cell and makes Chad submit to his demands - he pushes his huge black uncut dick through the cell bars and makes Chad suck his foreskin. It's too much for Chad to resist and Randy enters the cell and shoves his huge cock up Chad's sweet ass until both enjoy the hot release. Theo Blake is a city boy who lives in the Upper West Side. He's a big wig, but his fantasy is to be dominated by a tough stallion cowboy. That's just what he gets when he enters the realm of virtual reality. Theo finds Daniel Duarte waiting for him in the hay and the two studs get right at it. Theo is thrown to the ground and gets his ass pounded by the Latin stud. He ends up on his back and shoots his milky load all over his tight stomach. Rob Romoni wonders why everyone leaves Sex-o-tronic with a look of pleasure on their faces, so needs to find out for himself. It's closing time so Rob enters the chambers and finds himself in one of his ultimate fantasies - an interracial wrestling scene with Jordan Vaughn and Marc Williams. The threeway is too much to handle and soon Rob gets it in both ends as he explodes in orgasmic pleasure with a big grin on his face! Cast: Johnny Hazzard, Joshua Adams, Chad Thomas, Daniel Duarte, Jordan Vaughn, Marc Williams, Randy Gunz, Rob Romoni, Theo Blake