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Hardcore Habits

Hardcore Habits
Hardcore Habits Hot Desert Knights
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Standing in an arid plot of land, muscle daddy Ben Archer offers blond twink Tom Finn his throbbing cock before pounding him sans condom, then pulls out and makes him suck it again just as uncut stud muffin Matthew Green joins in for a hot menage a trois under the desert sun. The men take turns fucking the insatiable bottom with Archer offering two loads before Green offers Finn an open-mouth jizz shake, then throws him down like a used condom. Then Guy Franck and Dillen McFate share each other's holes. Franck's behemoth sized balls should be insured by Lloyds of London! Jackson Price is jacking off when Franck saunters over to offer his dick. They chow down on each other's dicks and buttholes before Franck plugs Price's infamous hole. The next scene pairs up Franck and McFate, Franck topping McFate. Finn fucks without a hard-on, it seems, and stuffs both his cock and balls up McFate's ass. McFate then fucks Finn in a variety of positions before both men spill their seed onto Finn's belly. The finale is hotter than a summer Palm Springs afternoon when Archer, Green, and Price have a nasty poolside encounter where Price actually tops! He proves quite the swordsman as he plows Green's pucker. To top it off Archer blows his load onto Price's cheeks, and then shoves his cum-covered prick inside! Hardcore Habits is a great dvd from the HDK team. Cast: Ben Archer, Tom Finn, Guy Franck, Matthew Green, Dillen McFate, Jackson Price