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Hard Friction 1 (2 Dvds)

Hard Friction 1 (2 Dvds) Raging Stallion
Hard Friction 1 (2 Dvds) Raging Stallion
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Real life boyfriends Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond heat up the silver screen with Hard Friction! It's new footage, it's real sex, and it's a must own film. In Hard, Bruno Bond and Roman Wright are making out. Bruno moves down Roman's body and pulls his cock and balls out of his jock so he can suck them. Bruno sticks his hungry ass out for Roman to fuck. Roman pounds his muscled ass standing up until he is worn out, and then lies down. After all the pounding, Bruno can't take it anymore and shoots his big load all over Roman as he rides his big cock in ecstasy. In Slurp, Steve Cruz invites you to watch. Steve works two big cocks, stroking and sucking, trying to get both in his mouth at the same time. As he pumps and slurps down these two giant cocks, a third one appears! Steve works all three cocks until Tony shoots his load all over Steve's hairy chest. Fabio shoots his big load on Steve next. Tony is so worked up that he shoots a second load! Lonzo then sprays down the hungry cocksucker with his man juice. Italian stud Fabio Stallone is taking a shower. He lathers his ripped abs and giant cock. Inked muscle man Alessio Romero pushes his way into the room. They kiss, and then Alessio drops to his knees and starts to suck Fabio's big, uncut cock. Alessio wants it bad and pushes his hungry hole toward the hot Italian stud giving it to him from behind. Alessio stands up so he can really power fuck the young stud before both men collapse on the bed and work out their big loads together. In Ride, Dominic Pacifico is riding his motorcycle through the city streets at night. The powerful engine is revving between his thighs, vibrating his ass and big balls. He imagines himself straddled naked over his bike. He strokes his big dick and rubs his hot hole. As Dominic holds the handles of the motorcycle, Bruno rims his ass and sucks his cock and giant balls, pulling them between his spread cheeks. Bruno pulls out his throbbing cock and ploughs it into Dominic's ass. Bruno shoots his load all over Dominic's big cock and balls and disappears. Dominic works out his own intense load then remembers that he is having a fantasy as he revs his motorcycle back to life and speeds off into the night. If this is the couple's first time at sex, you can image them have amazing sex for years to come! Cast: Steve Cruz, Bruno Bond, Dominic Pacifico, Alessio Romero, Fabio Stallone, Derrek Diamond, Roman Wright, Tony Vega, Lonzo Zolar, Craig Reynolds