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Hard At Home

Hard At Home Elite Male
Hard At Home Elite Male
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Rick Bauer and tattooed Mickey are Hard At Home. They wake up with stiff cocks - and proceed immediately to relieving them. Bauer, who is normally a bottom, gets to top the sexy Mickey in this fantastic flip flop fuck. The scissors position allows you to see Mickey's long limbs and torso, giving a stellar view of his well sculpted midsection. After a great fuck, the guys lie side by side and jerk each other to simultaneous climaxes. Ray Randolf services both Chris Hacker and Kevin in the next scene. There is lots of fucking and rimming going on as Randolf provides the tongue and orifices while his partners get to play it mostly straight. Janos Volt's sucking and rimming make Fredy Costa turn blue and purple in the next scene. Scene four delivers a hot threeway which takes place in a well-appointed modern kitchen. Ted Colunga and Lucio Maverick take turns fucking Rod Stevens before Lucio gets out the toy box. The guys make use of a strap-on-dildo as Lucio dons the strap-on backwards, and then he gets in the middle of a manwich, so that he is fucking the two men simultaneously - Steven's with his cock and Colunga with the dildo. Bringing up the rear, so to speak, are Julian Vincenzo and Glen Santoro. Santoro is a teddy bear for the ages, lots of long, lean furry muscle, and a handsome face to boot. He and Vincenzo splash soapy water all over the bathroom as they suck and fuck in their big pink bathtub, Julian on top. It's squishy, squirmy and noisy fun. Cast: Chris Hacker, Fredy Costa, Glenn Santoro (Glen Santoro) Janos Volt, Julian Vincenzo, Kevin, Lucio Maverick, Mickey, Ray Randolf, Rick Bauer, Rod Stevens, Fred Fele (Ted Colunga)