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Handpacked 3: JamPacked

Handpacked 3: JamPacked
Handpacked 3 JamPacked Club Inferno
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The action in Handpacked 3: JamPacked starts a mere 30 seconds after the opening credits as Ruben D'Angelo drops to his knees in front of Kent North. Ruben rims North before assaulting his anus with a massive rubber cock that loosens him up for some aggressive fisting. Darien Shaw is joined by Xavier Vitale who offers his smooth ass up for manual penetration. The assembled quartet then forms a daisy chain of fisting and fucking with Shaw topping North at one end. Back in the locker room Rex Armswell gets to know Mike Vista anally with the help of a lot of lube and a pair of massive dildos. These men are then linked by a double-ended model that is mediated by Tony Serrano. Rex gets fucked by Ruben with a huge strap-on before D'Angelo's hands disappear into Scott Samson's bearish butt. Stereophonic fisting ensues as Ruben inserts his forearms into both men simultaneously. Rex and Scott fist each other in one of the hottest pairings to be found in JamPacked. Kent North and Warren Lord experiment with penile rods and glass butt-plugs. North gets stuffed and fucked in a sling before the credits roll on this ass-centric, and finely photographed installment in the HandPacked series. Cast: Tony Serrano, Ruben D'Angelo, Kent North, Mike Vista, Rex Armswell, Scott Samson, Warren Lord, Steven Richards, Darien Shaw, Xavier Vitale