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Handpacked 1

Handpacked 1
Handpacked 1 Club Inferno
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Directed by Wolfgang Bang and starring a bunch of new faces, Handpacked 1 consists of three vignettes, all featuring star-to-be D'Angelo, which explore his extreme sexual desires and awakenings. The first of these New York Stories finds Vincent leaving a Chelsea gym, attracting the attentions of D'Angelo and Manocaldo en route. They secretly track him back to his hotel where they burst into his suite and prepare for some heavy ass-assaulting. They tear off Vincent's clothes, handcuff him, blindfold him and silence his cries for help with the aid of a ball-gag. The hairy hunk is all tied up with no place to go as his ass is tongued by his horny captors. Soon Vincent begins to enjoy it, so they release him from his restraints and subject him to a most pleasurable session. Vincent's asshole gets well and truly used, starting with a huge dildo that soon makes way for their fists - first one at a time, then both together. Vincent moans with joy as the combinations become more weird and wonderful - including D'Angelo's hot uncut cock and Manocaldo's fist at once - before some ecstasy-inducing punchfucking. This leads to the thrilling climax in which Vincent works his red hot shaft as his body contorts with pleasure created by D'Angelo's foot-fucking session that causes all three to burst their riverbanks with lashings of creamy ooze. If that wasn't enough we next find D'Angelo stumbling upon sexy Serrano fiddling with his Latino meat on a sunny Manhattan roof garden. D'Angelo's passions are set aflame at the sight of such beauty and soon he's on his knees swallowing monster cock. Serrano shows his gratitude by demonstrating his own equally impressive deepthroating skills on D'Angelo before flipping him over, tongue-fucking his hot hole and giving his older buddy a jackhammering that has him mewing like a kitten. D'Angelo opens wide to receive Serrano's fist and is punch-fucked till dusk. Finally he has both his cock and arm up there, all lit brilliantly by the setting sun, and the spooge flies all over the sundeck. Back in D'Angelo's comfortable looking lounge/dungeon our hero merrily rides a series of dildos whilst caged slave Charge puts his own sphincter through some truly eye-popping toy antics.The duo's plastic pleasure providers get bigger and bigger before each embarks on a self-fisting extravaganza that culminates in solo punch-fucks. Joined by evil-looking Franco and his slave Heckler, the Fucktastic Four indulge in some heavy duty assplay. Heckler's already got a dildo up him, and his cheeks receive a paddling that doesn't stop until they are beet-red, all the while he's sucking D'Angelo's dark meat like there's no tomorrow. Franco helps himself to Charge, whilst D'Angelo gets a free session with Heckler, both slaves receiving a prolonged fistathon from their new masters, each taking two hands at once, leading to some glorious rosebudding shots that look almost three-dimensional! The slaves take a pounding they won't forget and the sight of D'Angelo fisting both whilst he rides on Evil-Mr.-Punch-alike Franco's arm should satisfy many a dry night's wet dreams. When the floodgates break, the cum unleashed could drown the entire cast. Wonderful camerawork, great lighting and amazing performances from talented newcomers give this film a must-see flip-flop four-star review. Cast: Ross Vincent, Marko Heckler, Tony Serrano, Tom Franco, Stefan Manocaldo, Ruben D'Angelo, Paul Charge