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Handball Therapy

Handball Therapy Club Inferno
Handball Therapy Club Inferno
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Welcome to the Club Inferno Clinic where Dr Walker and his assistants specialise in Handball Therapy. Hop up on the exam table, spread your ass cheeks, and open wide for a deep tissue prostate massage. These hedonistic health care providers will do whatever it takes to make you feel better when you check in for some Handball Therapy! New Medical Assistant Jackson Lawless reports to his new assignment where Nurse Practitioner Rick Van Sant shows him the unusual procedures of the clinic. Van Sant begins by collecting a urine sample followed by an anal exam. After taking a swab he selects a large inflatable and opens Lawless' hole wide enough to receive his fists. Next Van Sant jumps up on the exam table and instructs Lawless to show him what he's learned. Lawless expertly inserts fist one, then two fists deep in Van Sant's hole. Now that's a good student! Evan Matthews reports to the Clinic for his annual prostate exam to find his regular physician has been replaced by Dr Trey Walker. Once in the stirrups Matthews opens his hole for a very thorough exam. Dr Walker begins with one, two, and then three fingers before he shoves his whole hand in his willing patient's ass. As things heat up Dr Walker strips down to reveal a chiselled body and huge pierced cock. The fisting continues until Walker goes elbow deep into Matthews' hole, producing a bright red rosebud. The patient bounces up and down on Dr Walker's arm, earning him a clean bill of health! Young pranksters take over when Tony Vega accompanies his boyfriend Andre Barclay to the clinic for a check up. Vega noses around and plays with some of the equipment until Dr Tommy Deluca comes in and catches the two making out. Vega's inquiries about a double-headed stainless steel examination wand lead to an intense anal cavity probe and some double fisting action! Vega gets his huge nuts and fat cock sucked while Deluca shoves his enormous cock - wrapped in his fist - right up Barclay's ass. Both Vega and Deluca shoot all over Barclay's hot ass. James Aaron rushes to the Clinic complaining of lower abdominal pain. After a brief exam Dr. Walker discovers the cause: a fat bullet-shaped butt toy lodged up Aaron's ass. Deciding to investigate further Dr Walker inserts a glass egg and shines a flashlight inside Aaron's hole. The exam continues with a series of enormous butt-stretching tools including a horse-sized speculum, providing a never-before-seen glimpse deep in Aaron's hole. Aaron complies with all the doctor's demands and begins stroking Walker's fat hard pierced cock. Once Dr Walker inserts his fist the exam turns physical. Don't miss Aaron's gooey cum shot! Cast: Andre Barclay, Evan Matthews, Jackson Lawless, James Aaron, Rick Van Sant, Tommy DeLuca, Tony Vega, Trey Walker