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Gunner World (2 Dvds)

Gunner World (2 Dvds) Raging Stallion
Gunner World (2 Dvds) Raging Stallion
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From moment one, the biggest pricks in the business line up to fuck and suck each other in Gunner World. Antonio Biaggi is the first huge dick on screen and offers it up to young hottie Ethan Roberts. Ethan goes down on Antonio, whipping out Biaggi's huge tool and thrusting it down his throat. Ethan bends over and lets Antonio warm him up with his tongue before taking all 11 inches up his butt. When Ethan lies back for a third round of pounding, it pushes him over the edge and he shoots a load all over his shirt! Gunner strokes his huge dick at the beginning of scene two when Ricky Sinz enters. Ricky goes down on Gunner, trying desperately to swallow his cock. Ricky's ass opens up for Gunner and soon enough Gunner is pounding away. Ricky's ass is full of dick when he blows his load all over the blanket in front of him! Bruno and Charlie enter the apartment and start off kind of sweet, kissing and rubbing and trading spit. Bruno strips off his shirt and offers his dick to Charlie's lips. Bruno bends over and Charlie ploughs him hard as his dick stretches Bruno's hole. Bruno shoots a load while Charlie fucks him, then gets on his knees for a face full of Charlie's cum. Between Gunner and Erik, there are 25 inches of dick for Dominic to play with. Both big dicks fill Dominic's mouth at once before Erik pushes Dominic onto Gunner's dick while he goes for a taste of Dominic's ass. With a tongue in his ass and a dick down his throat, Dominic is in heaven. A big dick double penetration is followed by multiple rounds of ass-fucking and dick-sucking, with Dominic releasing his cum all over his well defined abs. Damian Rios and Jason Crew are already making out as they walk into the room. Damian drops to his knees and release Jason's massive dick from his pants. Jason then goes down on Damian, working his dick with his lips and tongue. It all proves to be too much and Damian blows a load in Jason's mouth before they have even fucked. Damian turns around and offers up his ass. Jason dives in with tongue first, warming up the beautiful hole for a nice fuck. Cast: Gunner, Ricky Sinz, Jason Crew, Bruno Bond, Antonio Biaggi, Damian Rios, Dominic Pacifico, Ethan Roberts, Erik Grant, Charlie X