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Grunts: Brothers In Arms (2 Dvds)

Grunts Brothers In Arms (2 Dvds) Raging Stallion
Grunts Brothers In Arms (2 Dvds) Raging Stallion
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Grunts: Brothers in Arms is the real story behind the development of the Gay Bomb and a story of two twin brothers, played by superstar Steve Cruz and Euro heartthrob Orlando Toro. Reporting for orders from Sergeant Houle (played by Jake Deckard) Deckard informs Private Victor Steele of the experiment to expose the troops to the chemical that turns straight men gay. Deckard gives Private Steele the once over, checking out his ass before using his fingers and tongue to probe inside! Once Jake starts fucking him, the scene really takes off. Victor cums while Jake is fucking him and Jake shoots his load all over Victor's ass! Sergeant Houle then takes the platoon out for combat training. Exhausted by the end of the day, the sergeants head off to the showers while Steve Cruz and Orlando Toro go their separate ways for some solo action. The following night some of the troops get exposed to the gay chemical. Gradually guys start noticing things about each other that they had never seen before - a bulge here, a curve here...within minutes they are crazed with lust, manhandling each other in a fight for cock! This scene is what army porn is all about hard, hot, and heavy! Biaggi - the man with the biggest dick in gay porn - begins with a short solo show-off before being joined by Aaron Summers who makes good work at deep-throating Biaggi's bat! Trey Casteel and Billy Berlin join him for a three-way, with Billy playing bottom boy. Trey pounds away and just when you think Billy's ass is torn to bits, Biaggi takes position on the front line and begins driving home all 11 inches of beer-can thick muscle! As dawn breaks over the forest, the troops return to base, none believing what happened during the night. Grunts is a brilliant display of sex like you have never seen filmed before - an instant classic from America's top studio! Cast: Aaron Summers, Antonio Biaggi, Billy Berlin, Jake Deckard, Kam Run, Luke Hass, Orlando Toro, Ricky Sinz, RJ Danvers, Steve Cruz, Trey Casteel, Victor Steele