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Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco (2 Dvds)

Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco (2 Dvds)
Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco Naked Sword
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Prepare to enter the land of impulse, dreams and desire with the third instalment of Naked Sword's hit series Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco. Eight guys, four hardcore sex scenes, seven incredible solos and tons of bonus material, Golden Gate: Seduced By San Francisco is an exploration of the sex lives of gay men living in the famed locale. Each episode of Golden Gate is a well-crafted vignette that brings together two disparate elements of the city beloved by so many men. San Francisco's most uptight health inspector, Chip has been sent to do an annual report on one of the city's most seedy bars. And behind that bar is Dominic a no-nonsense, no-bullshit kind of guy who couldn't care less about Chip and his rules. But when the bar doesn't pass Chip's rigid inspection, Dominic comes up with a solution that both keeps his bar up to code and satisfies Chip's most secret sexual desires. All in a day's work! Jeremy has landed himself a successful, hot boyfriend named Jordan, but he can't seem to mend his hustling ways and gets caught in the act while performing a live webcam show for his fans. Jordan decides to play along and they give everyone a show they'll never forget. Robert is still trying to make ends meet as a struggling writer. Alvin, meanwhile, is an artist with a successful career, and when Robert shows up a day early to review Alvin's work, he ends up getting a private showing that expands his views on art. Stressed out businessman Ethan just wants to unwind with a little yoga, but his instructor, Luke has something else in mind. Routine stretching leads to a sweaty and intense muscle workout that will even leave you breathless. This two disc set will have you reaching for your passport! Cast: Landon Conrad, Shane Frost, Kennedy Carter, Heath Jordan, Johnny Torque, Lawson Kane, Tom Wolfe, Topher Dimaggio