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George Private Man
George Private Man
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George is one classy dvd! Beautifully shot with a cast of Hungarian studs to die for and the super luscious George Vidanov, one of Private's biggest gay stars, fronting - and bottoming! Muscled, tanned bodies, good looks, perfect pricks and rampant sexuality, all combine to produce a movie that will make you want to watch it over and over. Each scene is titled, for example, "How to get a blow job" and the settings, whether an apartment or Roman Villa are lavish. There is a standout set in a steamy Roman baths, where the Nico, the Emperor's favourite, is punishing some dissident Senators. The chained men stroke themselves languorously, before experiencing the velvet prison that is Nico's mouth. Soon, everyone is fucking, doggie, a-bucking, spoons, reverse cowboy, before it all ends in some of the most ball bursting jizz shots you will see. The faces are a dream of orgiastic pleasure and sheer consuming passion. There are great extras, a bonus scene and a quite sweet interview with George. The dvd also offers a choice of languages, just in case your Hungarian is not all it should be! One for the most discerning collector. Cast: Attis, Attila, Attila, Antonio, Richard, Gyorgy, George Vidanov, Frenky, Micky, Alexander, Tamas, Peter, Peter Bizanci

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