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Gay Dreams 2: San Francisco Nights

Gay Dreams 2 San Francisco Nights Raging Stallion
Gay Dreams 2 San Francisco Nights Raging Stallion
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Like the first GayDreams, this fantasy is a vacation from the trademark Raging Stallion sex club set. Not only are there opulent residential settings, but we get a tour of San Francisco as Michael Brandon drives Brendan Austen into the city. It opens with a bang. Attractive 19-year-old, nicely hung newcomer Damien Drake gets the Brandon treatmen t- all those thick inches pound right up his ass and keep on pounding till both of them jack off. Brandon gives superb head, as always, and Drake actually gets past the halfway mark on Brandon's monster. (Yes, those are tears in his eyes.) In a fantasy scene Austen fucks Tag Adams watched by Shane Rollins who joins them and fucks Adams too. Camerawork is good here and the extreme close-ups are superb. Sean Storm and satin-skinned Jay Black grapple on a rooftop before Black slams it to Storm. Cocksucking and ass-eating are exceptional, and Black cums twice in one of Dreams' hottest encounters. At an art opening, as Austen hungrily observes other guests observing the art they are suddenly naked - art come to life - and an orgy breaks out. After everyone else comes they gather around Storm and hold him, caress him, and finger-fuck him as he jacks off to their very vocal approval. Videography and direction are first-rate. Cast: Brendan Austen, Shane Rollins, Damien Drake, Tag Adams, Michael Brandon, Sean Storm, Abram Rodriguez, Jay Black, Andy Dill, Ryven, Robert Marx

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