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Fuck Your Friends 1

Fuck Your Friends 1
Fuck Your Friends 1 Cocksure Men
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If you've got a load and need a place to shoot it then maybe it's time to Fuck Your Friends! Everyone knows it's hot down in Miami, but the ocean is brought to a boil when Bo Dean and Marcus Hogel get down and dirty. Bo is as ripped as ever and always ready to fuck. Marcus has some of the most kiss-able lips you'll ever see, and an asshole that begs for Bo to plough it. A voracious top, Bo fucks Marcus hard and long, both men moaning and gasping with intense passion. Finally, with dicks side-by-side, they both create a hot cum stew all over Marcus. Friends are great. Friends with benefits are better. Dakota and Colby are two friends who are hanging out under the hot California sun and decide to have some fun together. Clothes gone, they work each others cocks until both men are raging hard and ready to fuck. Colby arches back and Dakota eases his throbbing member slowly inside. Our bearded bottom moans wildly from the intense fuck Dakota gives him. Both men can resist no longer and Dakota cums all over Colby's dick which immediately bring Colby over the top, releasing a thick wad of cum all his own. Let's not forget the real definition of tea bagging. After a game of beach volleyball, Kelly's feet need a little attention but Jeremy Bilding finds out just how ticklish he is and he two collapse in a tickle-torment wrestling match that leaves them both breathless. It isn't long before Jeremy's tongue finds Kelly's hole and it isn't much longer before it's time for a real Tea Party and Jeremy's balls are dangling right in Kelly's mouth. After some good old-fashioned face fucking, Jeremy's down at Kelly's ass again and this time he's pounding it with his long, curved dick. Kelly tries to hold off but Jeremy pushes him past the point of no return and he blows his load all over himself. Jeremy's not ready to finish just yet and Kelly gets fucked again until Jeremy's ready to blow while Kelly licks his balls. The chemistry is hot and playful between blond Riley Owens and dark-haired Jeremy Hunt. They kiss passionately until Jeremy disrobes Riley, sucking his dick down to the balls. Then Jeremy's own dick is throated by Riley's talented mouth. Jeremy preps Riley's ass with his warm tongue setting up his target. He thrusts his cock into the bull's eye. After fucking Riley, Jeremy offers up his eager hole to his partner. At the end they both cum on Riley's flat stomach. Smiles on both of their faces. Cast: Bo Dean, Marcus Hogel, Dakota Rivers, Colby Keller, Jeremy Bilding, Kelly Taylor, Riley Owens, Jeremy Hunt