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Forced Entry Squad

Forced Entry Squad
Forced Entry Squad Pacific Sun Entertainment
English Subtitles
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Director Csaba Borbely goes on the military theme with Forced Entry Squad with the usual troupe of handsome muscular hunks in camouflage fatigues traipsing around tanks and artillery. When the action kicks in, it's good. Rod Stevens, a noticeable new talent, performs in two scenes as a bottom - first with tattooed stud Julian Vincenzo and later in an excellent three-way with longhaired Lucio Maverick and sinewy Kevin Cage. In each scene, Stevens proves to be a lusty cock worshipper, and watching him work on his co-stars' juicy uncut cocks is one of the highlights of the production. Stevens is equally entrancing when he's getting fucked, most memorably in the three-way scene with Cage thrusting upward into his furry ass from below, and later when Maverick and Cage tag-team fuck him doggy-style amid the ruins of a bombed out building. Voluminous ejaculations are too many to count, and the beautiful photography, multiple camera set-ups, and live sound are good. Cast: Kevin Cage, Lucio Maverick, Rick Perry, Frederico Johnson, Fredy Costa, Julian Vincenzo, Rick Sanborn, Miguel Sabrosa, Julien Salieri, Rod Stevens, Silvio Pantera