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Fist Freaks

Fist Freaks
Fist Freaks Club Inferno
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Step right up and witness the Fist Freaks - greedy power-holes that freak out over big dicks, big hands, and even bigger toys. Fist Freaks Jessie Balboa, Jake Perry, Morgan Black, Cylus Kohan, Dominic Sol, Reed Mathews and Nick Moretti put you front row center for the most shocking show in town. So take a seat and get your freak on with Fist Freaks! Cylus Kohan struggles against his restraints until he sees Dominic Sol enter the room carrying a giant dildo and a pail of lube. Dominic immediately shoves his tongue in Cylus’ perfect ass getting him primed for action. Cylus opens his hole and easily swallows the enormous butt-toy to the base. It’s obvious that Cylus can handle more so Dominic flips the young stud over and punch-fucks him hard. He pushes his fist deep into Cylus’ tight hole while jacking off until he shoots his load. Fist freak Jessie Balboa can’t even see whose fist he’s sitting on - and he doesn’t care. He squats over the anonymous fist and pushes down, swallowing the meaty paw to mid-forearm. When Balboa orders his fisting top to reveal himself out walks muscular Reed Mathews. Mathews continues to plow Balboa’s big bubble-butt until he can’t take it any longer. While still massaging Balboa’s prostate, Reed jacks a load of hot cum out of his fat cock. Jake Perry, a Club Inferno discovery with a huge cock and big, round bubble-butt, climbs a ladder and power-fucks his own hole with a big dildo. Morgan Black, who has been watching from the sidelines, steps up to take over. He puts a hood over Jake’s head and swaps out the dildo for an extra-thick set of anal beads. Morgan pummels Jake’s hole until the hungry bottom’s cock explodes out of his jockstrap. Morgan grabs a huge latex ass-snake and shoves it up Jake’s ass until he shoots a hot stream of white cum, then strokes his own cock and blows a load. Nick Moretti shows Jessie Balboa his dominant streak by selecting the heaviest, thickest, most insane dildo he can find to shove up Jessie’s ass. Moretti primes his ass with his tongue then takes the lubed-up butt-toy and works it deep into Balboa’s ass. Jessie’s moans and gaping hole indicate that this monster may be the biggest one he’s ever taken - but he wants more! Nick throws Jessie on his back and works his greasy paw in the fist freak’s hole. After going elbow deep, Nick pulls his arm out of Balboa’s ass and grabs a thick turkey baster. He pumps Balboa’s hollowed out ass cavity full of gooey white lube which Jessie pushes out in ecstasy. Cast: Jake Perry, Cylus Kohan, Dominic Sol, Jessie Balboa, Morgan Black, Nick Moretti, Reed Mathews