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Fist For Hire 2: Working The Job

Fist For Hire 2: Working The Job
Fist For Hire 2 Working The Job Club Inferno
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Fist For Hire 2: Working The Job is another red-hot handball session of intense bottom-bliss.Sexy Kevin Scott is stuffing Evrett, who is showing off what he does best - taking arms, dribbling pre-cum and prolapsing. Our Heroes for Hire hang out in the sun, giggling as boss Ward recounts the original's bowling pin incident that gets the guys so hot they head to Kurtis' dungeon where they give it away for free. Kurtis has his great white whale gagged on by greedy Ray Parker. Kurt's tool is massive, long and intimidating, but Parker knows exactly how to use his mouth and butt to please this butch daddy. Dirty English Stuart treats Samson to a passionate nipple-tweaking, tongue-diving, ass-eating, cock-sucking and butt-slapping that builds to a screaming Samson getting a two-handed treat that has this dynamic duo prove why the Yanks and Limeys are always the best allies. Their incendiary antics are, however, knocked off the screen when Ward threats us all to his assault on boyfriend Edwards' capacious chuff. Edwards' ass is punchfucked with a fabulous frenetic sense of urgency. Samson and Black are then joined in another heels-up, present-holes inspection by Stuart and Ward. Hot House has done it once again, producing another ripping, powerful, piggy near-masterpiece that'll be on every fisting-fan's wishlist. Cast: Mark Evrett, Kevin Scott, Mack Kurtis, R.J. Parker, Scott Samson, Bobby Black, Chris Ward, Jack Stuart, Rob Edwards, Tom Vaccaro, Jason Anderson