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Fist For Hire 1: On The Prowl

Fist For Hire 1: On The Prowl
Fist For Hire 1: On The Prowl Club Inferno
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Welcome to sunny San Francisco, where vacationing Anderson stumbles upon the Fist for Hire agency and decides to give them a call in Fist For Hire 1: On The Prowl. Lucky Anderson strikes gold as his rent boy turns out to be horny hairy studmuffin Vaccaro and unsurprisingly wastes no time getting on his knees and indulging in a kitchen scene so hot these two could fry bacon on their bodies! Ultra-beautiful Anderson sucks Vaccaro's pole till he's so hot he can stand it no longer, offering up his ass. Unrestrained passion is released as Vaccaro pummels his customer's hole. Cut to Harrison Quaid cruising Polk Street in his car. He picks up red-headed, red-blooded Ward and invites him back to his buddy's birthday party. Turns out it's a fisting birthday party. Ward is happy to help and is soon giving the slingbound birthday boy stud Smith something else to concentrate on other than that bottle of Southern Comfort he's swigging from. Warp Drive begins and adjectives run out as soon as the dirty director's hand slides straight up Kelly's Eye. The party games include up-to-the-elbow vocal-heavy punch-fucking that gets even wilder when Ward produces a bowling pin. And all the time debuting Kelly is staying rock-hard, Ward sucking the beauty as his elbow hits Kelly's inner walls. Quaid, with Bellini, can't wait to sample Ward's famed skills for himself, almost swallowing the masterful red-head whole, leaving him speechless. Kelly gets another go being Lambchop, taking both Bellini's hands at once whilst Quaid offers ass-slaps and encouragement. More guests arrive, including Evrett and Nicaste (shoving a baton right up there) making greedy Kelly scream for joy as they take turns giving the Birthday Boy a special treat. Kelly takes a breather whilst Quaid, Evrett and Bellini throw their legs in the air for an inspection by Ward and Nicaste. Each lets out squeals and moans that become music to the fisting aficionado's ears. Back to the kitchen, where Vaccaro and Anderson are determined to get their money's worth. Starting slowly, Vaccaro works his way into that tight ass with his fingers, all the time Anderson wanting more. Hot House has pulled out all the fists (sorry, stops) and provided galleries, bios, trailers, links and great behind the scenes footage, giving a thirty minute look at the filming of Vaccaro and Anderson's kitchen scene. Wonderful wet-shots, top notch performances, lighting and camerawork as this parade of hairy dick-of-death dudes gets down and dirty with their dexterous digits. Cast: Tom Vaccaro, Jason Anderson, Giovanni Bellini, Harrison Quaid, Kelly Smith, Chris Ward, Mark Evrett, Nick Nicaste