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Eingelocht Cazzo Film
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In Eingelocht, hardened criminals are behind bars, locked up in their own universe and up to their necks in testosterone. The new prisoner, young Dennis, quickly learns the rules of this very special penal institution. The guards and prisoners all have constant erections and this fresh piece of meat is just what they've been waiting for. At night the inmates are forced out of their cells for whatever games the guards choose. Naturally there is a strict pecking order. On top of the heap is the gang leader, Lutz (Ralf Steel doing what he does best - being a nasty dom). At the bottom is Kevin, who quickly earns the nickname of pussy. He must keep his head very still for the humiliating games of golf - who lands their spit deepest down his throat and who has the best aim pissing into his mouth! When the guards are busy the other inmates fuck each other or barter away poor Dennis, who's nothing more than their sex slave. Dennis doesn't want to play their games though. He's really into Mike, a black inmate from the next cellblock. The gang and their leader are not amused and Dennis pays the price when the whole gang rapes him in the shower. Mike's revenge is shocking and terrible. For the finale, Dennis and Mike are finally left alone and able to fuck each others brains out. Cast: Marcel Schlutt, Nelson Keys, Ralf Steel, Fred Faurtin, Mats Riem, Mike Power, Marko Isak, Gil Nemo, David Parik, Erik Lenn, Chris Holland, Tom Mane