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Drive Thru Always Open

Drive Thru Always Open
Drive Thru Always Open Raging Stallion
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What if there was a place where you could get it hot and ready anytime whenever you wanted? Come on down to the Raging Stallion Drive Thru and find out. In Drive Thru Always Open, they serve immediate gratification to satisfy even the hungriest appetite. Always giving it to you your way! Every which way! Double the meat, protein style and loaded with special sauce just soaking through the bag! Grease it up and cum inside - the Drive Thru is always open. Or drive up to the service window, where young and hung meat men are equipped to serve you. Whether you're looking for an extra thick hot dog or a simple tossed salad, the menu and staff have it all. Raging Stallion director Steve Cruz and his horny meat slingers are more than willing to go the extra mile for customer service. Noah Donovan and Bennett Anthony dine-in but aren't satisfied with the service. When Bennett gets an attitude, workers Rikk York and Lucas Allen teach him a lesson with their cocks. After Bennett blows the employees, he gets pounded by his foodie friend, Noah Donovan, on the tabletop. Hopeful new hire Peter Marcus shows general manager Dakota Rivers just how far he'll go to get the job. Will he get it? Sean Duran wants something that's not on the menu and Ian Greene and John Ander are happy to give it to him. Employee's Bruno Bernal and Lucas Allen get bored doing closing duties and decide to fuck at the cash register instead. Rikk York takes one last order for the night and ends up getting stuffed on both ends by Michael Roman. Pull up to the Drive Thru and order what you like. You just might get lucky with some extra special meat between your buns! Cast: Bennett Anthony, Bruno Bernal, Dakota Rivers, Ian Greene, John Ander, Lucas Allen, Michael Roman, Rikk York, Peter Marcus, Sean Duran, Lucas Allen, Noah Donavon