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Double En Jeu

Double En Jeu
Double En Jeu Cadinot
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Double En Jeu features fourteen handsome guys who are all leading double lives. To the rest of the world they are straight, but out of view they throw themselves into a series of gay sexual relationships and encounters. The video begins with two security guards for an apartment building checking the parking garage for possible intruders. One stops to piss, leading to an anal inspection and a fisting by the other. Upstairs in an apartment, two male members of a seemingly normal family sneak out to meet each other in one of the building's corridors. A hard fucking follows, watched by a young guy who is spying on them. He is however caught by one of the security guards who seduces him with a multi-positioned fuck in his office. The young guy leaves for the meeting he was on his way to when he was caught by the guard, and hooks up with a young man with a monster-sized cock - which he manages to take fully up his ass in an explosive scene. Back in the control room, two of the guards have a quick fuck before the scene switches to a cafe in town. A young guy uses the toilet where he is joined by a cafe customer for a double suck and fuck in one of the stalls. A waiter overhears what is happening, and arranges to meet one of the guys later in the day to have his own ass irrigated. The insatiable cafe customer dispenses with the waiter and heads for the dry cleaners to collect some clothes. There he works his way into a threesome with the manager and his younger assistant. Back at the apartment building Mr Monster Cock meets up with one of the guards, who worships the magnificent phallus before taking it inside him. They switch positions before shooting their loads. More action is taking place at the dry cleaners where a new guard, on his way to work, has a quickie with the manager. When he arrives at the security control room, he gets it on with with the horniest of the guards, who then moves on to another liason with another worker and a variety of huge dildos as a finale. Pure sex from start to finish, this is a fabulous Cadinot release. Well-shot, hot guys, scorching sex. What more could you want? Cast: Valentin Durieux, Jean Claude Antoine, Angelo Rizzi, Antoine Cusak, Marko Parelli, David McKenna, Valentin Durieu, Philippe Janeiro, Constantyn Fvister, Loie Darleville, Sam Eddy, Frank Forest, Antoine Mallet