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Deviant Detours

Deviant Detours
Deviant Detours Cazzo Film
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Deviant Detours is an extreme SM film featuring Berlin skinheads. Will accompanies his lover Gizmo to the doctor's office, and he administers some very special treatment on Will before allowing a couple of wild guys - who have just finished a fascinating fisting session - to kidnap Gizmo. In the nick of time, Will realizes what's going on and follows the kidnapper's car, but loses them again. In the meantime, Gizmo gets tied up and has to be a sex slave for one of his tormentors. Will discovers Gizmo's clothes and begs for help from his friends, Steve and Toddy. Together they search for Gizmo but go off in different directions. Steve falls into the hands of a rough biker gang and arouses the interest of the gang leader, while Toddy discovers a group of skinheads dancing on the roof of an abandoned car and gets severely punished. Get ready for electro torture, rough sex, beatings, fist fucking and piercings! Cast: Andreas, Andre, Aron, Eric Boucher, Gizmo, Jan, Jesko, Kevin S., Marc, Red Zak, Steve S., Tabaluga, Toddy, Will