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Dalmation Adventure 1: Blazing Waters

Dalmation Adventure 1 Blazing Waters Pacific Sun Entertainment
Dalmation Adventure 1 Blazing Waters Pacific Sun Entertainment
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Dalmation Adventure 1: Blazing Waters is the first part of another fine international release from Pacific Sun. Immediately we have Donovan, Bellagio and Benetti going snorkeling. After the swim they celebrate as only sun-drenched sex gods can - they fuck on the rock beach. Donovan and Bellagio have their asses banged off by each other whilst Benetti shoots all over their pecs. Bellagio finishes his friend off orally and it's an amazing sequence. Spencer and Goldsmith travel to a pirate's cove accessible only by water and they end up in a really quite beautiful cavern. Whilst Goldsmith is big, Spencer is even bigger and Goldy struggles to get the tool in his mouth. Instead he decides to have a jump about on it on a well-lit walkway. Next up, there's fun as the boys enjoy watersports - the real kind with water-skis and jet-boats. The boat pulls up in the rocks, and Madsen, Sanchez and Volt waste no time. In a full on fuckfest with hot tongues entering every hole imaginable, the trio's foreskinned anacondas are skillfully manipulated and their assholes banged out of shape. Again spunk splatters pecs. Next salty seamen Manzel, Georgio and Jank sit around and swap sailing anecdotes andthis turns into a great daisychain scene, topped by Giorgio's impaling himself on Manzel. Giorgio's massive cock flops around everywhere as he bounces about, also choking on Jank's meat, really enjoying the ride. When the credits roll you'll wonder where the time went - but before you wear the dvd out rewatching constantly, relax - a terrific sequel is available! Cast: Roberto Giorgio, Renato Bellagio, Soto Donovan, Enrico Benetti, Janos Volt, Tom Jank, Diego Sanchez, Fred Goldsmith, Leslie Manzel, Oliver Madsen, Ken Spencer

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