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Crash Of The Titans

Crash Of The Titans Big Blue Productions
Crash Of The Titans Big Blue Productions
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In this impressive, well-produced title, director Blue Blake proves that some bodybuilders pump more than iron. The cast consists of statuesque muscle boys, all of whom are as nasty and versatile as their partners, sucking and fucking through a variety of vignettes. The story revolves around the three powerful, beefy Titan brothers (Dulce, Titan, and Valentino) and how their love of man-sex ultimately became their downfall. First up are Dulce and the always-dependable, ever-adorable Ebson. Blake's narration tells us that Dulce's downfall is his addiction to boys, then cut to Dulce working out and being leered at by Ebson. Ebson smiles sweetly, licks his lips and strokes his uncut meat while never taking his eyes off of the mountain of a man. Soon in the seduction there is no turning back as the two passionately kiss and rub their bodies against one another. Ebson's slight body slammed up against the giant slab of muscle that is Dulce is awesome. Ebson blows his idol and eats his ass, squeezing Dulce's giant cheeks before receiving Dulce's long and dark sausage in his eager boy butt. Another hot scene features hairy bottom man Katt coupled with the delicious, dark and possibly devious Valentino. Valentino is dressed in uniform, looking like a bad boy California Highway Patrolman. He claims he is straight but soon enough he is kissing Katt with fervour. Katt graciously bows down and worships at Valentino's big, beautiful cathedral of cock. After more body worship Katt shows off his hairy hole and Valentino slams into the big boy, eventually covering him in ropes of semen. Later, Dulce and Titan have their way with wayward bottom boy Rocky and it's so hot to watch the "brothers" sit on a couch and jack their cocks while Rocky is splayed on the floor enticing them with his asshole. He sucks both of the guys together and can't seem to get enough of their cocks. Finally he gets fucked in a pretty hot three-way with the boys. Rocky is the first to blow a thick geyser which is followed by the boys shooting their own jizz onto his spent body. These muscle pigs give it their all in five well-crafted scenes which should provide something for everyone's taste. So if you like gigantic muscles, uncut cock, porn with narrative story, and loads of cum, Blake's Crash of the Titans is definitely for you. Cast: Rico Dulce, Vincenzo Titan, Tony Valentino, Rocky, Thor, Dave Nelson, Hans Ebson, Giovani Corleone, Tom Katt