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Centurion Muscle 5: Maximus

Centurion Muscle 5 Maximus Raging Stallion
Centurion Muscle 5 Maximus Raging Stallion
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The collection of horse-hung, oversexed, mega-muscled man-meat in Maximus not only hits the erotic heights of its illustrious predecessors, it power humps and pumps up the action, setting a whole new standard in muscle head porn. So it begins...no set up, no dialogue, no clothes, no crap in the way of the hoochie, just a couple of huge muthafuckin' badasses with a deep hunger for trouble and the equipment to make it happen. Centurion's 2008 Bigger Than Life award winner, Tober Brandt, is set to start the mayhem with equally pumped and generously endowed hairy hunk Peter Axel. It all starts innocently enough with the men showing each other their big ol' schlongs, but as always seems to happen in CM productions they quickly turn feral and regress back to primal drives. Brandt starts by expertly deep throating Axel, who repays the favour by 69ing in kind then fucking him snotless. Like horned-up gorillas, they set the salacious tone for the rest of the crazed sex monkeys to follow. Maximus is a must have for your collection. Cast: Nick Angelo, Peter Axel, Tober Brandt, Nick Ceazar, Vin Costes, Hank Dutch, Charlie Fabravo, Brock Hatcher, Rocky Torrez