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Cauke For Free

Cauke For Free
Cauke For Free Titan Media
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Disgraced former senator Mike Cauke (Matthew Bosch) is back in Cauke For Free - and this time, he's out to pass anti-discrimination legislation as his Caukepac turns red heat into blue balls. Are you ready to get poled for this all-important vote? Matthew Bosch and Jesse Jackman learn how fun it is to flip when they get Cauke for Free. Former senator Mike Cauke secures votes to bring an anti-discrimination bill closer to passing. He's thanked by former marine Alex Mecum, as the two are soon swapping sucks and flip fucking. Lobbyist Jesse Jackman convinces House Speaker Ryan Paul to cross party lines and bring the bill to the floor. The two kiss and exchange sucks, and Jesse grabs the stud's blazer and he fucks him from behind. During election night, special agent Jason Vario and Bruce Beckham are swallowing each other's big dicks to the root. Bruce mounts the top, his beast of a boner slamming against Jason's abs as he bounces. Their boners poke each other as they kiss, Jason then slurping Alex's throbber, which stays stiff as steel as he rides the top. Alex gets pinned to the couch as he gets fucked from behind, then gets sprayed by the top's multi-stream gusher. Mike Cauke and a fellow former senator can't contain their excitement when the bill passes. The two smooch as they rub each other's chests. Jesse worships Matthew's beast, then gets sucked. Jesse uses a tie to pull the bottom in close for a kiss as he fucks him, then offers his ass - his own dick pulsing with each thrust before the two tight-abbed studs unload. Cast: Bruce Beckham, Matthew Bosch, Alex Mecum, Kiern Duecan, Alex Graham, Jesse Jackman