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Caught On Tape

Caught On Tape Raging Stallion
Caught On Tape Raging Stallion
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When men want it - they want it now, whenever and wherever they can! Casual sex, public places and outdoor spaces and it's all Caught On Tape! DO is on the balcony of his San Francisco loft playing around with his video camera when he discovers Wilfried Knight and Vince Ferelli on a rooftop getting hot and heavy. They are soon naked and trading blowjobs while DO catches it all on tape! They move inside the stairwell to fuck with hairy Wilfried taking massive body builder Vince from behind, thrusting his mass up with every fuck blow! From start to finish it's a high impact fuck the way men do, grunting and spitting and thrusting until the last drop of cum explodes from their meaty cocks. Security cameras at the store catch pervert Derrick Hanson on the prowl. Naked and peering from behind the curtain he spots DO who is up for anything. Without hesitation DO dives into the fitting room and starts to feed on Derrick's rock hard cock! DO switches up the action and soon Derrick is serving his customer, sucking his huge uncut cock. DO takes Derrick from behind pounding away and Derrick is loving it. DO eventually shoots his load in thick jets across the fitting room and onto the reflective glass! Angelo is cruising for sex using the GPS system on his cell phone and an application where men meet up. Hot hairy muscle man Adam Champ is only blocks away! The invitation is simple "you're hot, wanna fuck?" Adam takes the bait and follows his GPS to the location - an alley in Angelo's neighbourhood. They go right to it, ripping off their clothes before Angelo sucks Adam while Adam fingers his perfect smooth round ass. What they don't know is the security camera between buildings is recording it all. Adam pounds Angelo with a fury grabbing the back of his head and pushing him into the wall with every thrust. They fuck with animal intensity until both guys shoot dense thick white loads of cum all over the dank alley. DO returns from one escapade still hungry for more and uckily his regular piece of ass, Dayton O'Connor, decides to pop by for a little "in-out!" Dayton deeps throats DO's perfect thick cock like he's been starved for it. DO fucks Dayton from behind as he grasps and screams for more then Dayton jumps on DO's lap and rides him hard and furious. He flips Dayton on his back so he can look into his eyes and plunges deep inside of Dayton until he ejaculates all over himself. Caught On Tape is superb high octane man-sex with cock hungry pigs all wanting more! Cast: DO, Adam Champ, Angelo Marconi, Wilfried Knight, Vince Ferelli, Dayton O'Connor, Derrick Hanson