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Busted! You Got Me!

Busted! You Got Me! Raging Stallion
Busted! You Got Me! Raging Stallion
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Have you ever been naked and stroking' it thinking you're all alone - and then you're busted! In Busted! You Got Me! that's what happens, except the intruders are hot, horny and all too ready to assist. As they say, boys will be boys! Danny comes into the locker room to change. He's horny and no one else is around so he starts jerkin it! Why not? Trevor Laster enters to find Danny in the act, so he quietly creeps in to watch. Or maybe he's not so stealthy, he makes a little noise and gives himself away. Aroused and quick to rebound Trevor asks him if wants to have some more fun and the two get right down to business with lots of oral, kissing, rimming and fucking. Hell you'll never know unless you ask. Tony is alone in his dorm room with the remote control in one hand and his cock in the other watching skin flicks. What he forgot was his buddy Aaron is on his way over to study. At first he's embarrassed but that is soon forgotten when he's realises Aaron's hot to tutor him in a different kind of lesson, an Anatomy lesson! It's a hot fuck scene. Aaron Summer walks through the empty warehouse and goes into the bathroom to take a piss. He's got a nice cock, and he's all alone so he starts checking it out in the mirror, stroking it. But he's not alone, Parker is positioned just outside the door and starts playing with his own cock. If only didn't have to clear his throat, and like that Parker is busted! But he's pleasantly surprised to find Aaron is into him and the two go at each other... good thing he cleared that throat! Now its time for deep throating - and fucking! Kyle Derring is sitting at the bar at last call. Bartender Collin Williams wants to go home so he tells Kyle to finish up his drink while he goes in the back office for a minute. Has Kyle had one too many? Kyle Soon he's got his cock at the bar and begins to jack off. Collin comes out of the back room and sees what Kyle is doing. I guess he must be horny, rather than throw the guy out - he watches. If only he wasn't so clumsy, he bumps into a trash bin and scares Kyle. It's not the best invitation to sex, but when he's sees how turned on Collin is he's all for it. It's a great oral scene that end with wicked cum shots. The scene opens with Chad Davis painting the workout room in his house. He takes a break and believes he is all alone, so he pulls out his cock and begins to jerk off. Buddies, Patrick Kennedy and Jake Woods show up and the two of them watch Chad getting himself off. Yeah he's busted but his friends want in on the action and the two soon approach. Jake and Patrick drop to their knees and devour Chad's enormous cock. Patrick rims Jake and prepares his hot ass for the fuck of his life. Then Chad is feeds his cock to Patrick. Soon Chad fucks Jake as Patrick feeds his cock to Jake. The three explode with cum all over Jake's naked body. Cast: Danny Brooks, Trevor Laster, Aaron Summers, Tony Ducati, Parker Brookes, Colin Williams, Kyle Derring, Patrick Kennedy, Jake Woods, Chad Davis