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Bruthaload 2

Bruthaload 2
Bruthaload 2 Treasure Island Media
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Bruthaload 2 brings you twelve black guys ready to jack off, just for you! Feeling the need for the white-hot sexual heat of super black studs? Bruthaload 2 has got a whole gang of hung Bruthas, ready to show off and squirt a hot load!. Santino is a truly majestic stallion of a man. Straight, a landscaper and a world-traveller, Santino is into both good Scotch and great weed. He loves fucking frisky white girls in risky places. Best sex he's had? Fucking Swedish 18-year-old twins in an airport toilet in Stockholm. Jerome says he might be bi, but wouldn't divulge if he's ever had sex with a guy. Has a bit of danger in his eyes, making him sexy as hell. Snipes has a cock that's a beautiful piece of ebony wood. He swears it's really eleven and a half inches long! It doesn't matter to Yahroe whether he's bi or not, if he's getting good head. "So long as they swallow the swimmers, I don't care who they are." Cast: Santino, Jerome, Snipes, James, Blink 2000, Yahroe, Jordan, Onyx, Antonio, Others