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British Kit Lads

British Kit Lads
British Kit Lads Triga Films
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British Kit Lads is what Triga does best - straight and bi British Lads showing you their wares! Triga has scoured the street corners of Britain and found the roughest and horniest British chavs for some filthy duo and straight lad solo cock action! British Kit Lads is exactly as it says on the box - fit lads in sports kit. First up is Terry and is rock hard from the word go as he gobs plenty on his big shaved cock while using his trainer to work his nuts and the laces as a kit-lad-cockring. And when its time to blow, the trainer gets well messy. Nice one, pal. Stuart has got the horn and needs to empty his balls. But he ain't got time to get all his kit off so the boots stay on as the boy gets off. Watch as he splashes his tummy tattoo with a few good shots of jizz. Nicky finds himself alone in the changing room and the smell of the other lads gets him going!