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Breed My Boyfriend

Breed My Boyfriend
Breed My Boyfriend Bromo
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In Breed My Boyfriend, as he is about to get deployed, Benjamin Swift decides to film his last wild fuck with his boyfriend Gunner Canon. He props up the camera and that instantly turns Gunner on. He starts undressing Benjamin, whose huge cock is already alert and dives right in to deep-throat him. Soon after, Benjamin starts pounding Gunner raw and rough, until they both cum all over Gunner's hot and tight body. Knowing that his boyfriend Gunner can be a slut, Benjamin asks him to film himself on his escapades and share them with him while he's away. To make Benjamin proud, Gunner invites Brenner Bolton over for some action. Once Gunner gets a hold of Brenner's hot ass, and fucks him fast and raw on camera for Benjamin and ultimately, your viewing pleasure. Next up on Gunner's list is Zane Anders. This pretty boy comes with a hot body, amazing ass and a massive cock, which Gunner can barely fit in his mouth. As Gunner slowly slides raw into Zane's hot ass, their loud moans and hot bareback action is sure to please his horny boyfriend while he's away. Turned on by the idea of barebacking someone else's boyfriend on camera, Brenner and Zane decide to have a threesome with Gunner and to film it for his boyfriend. The guys don't waste any time and right away start sucking on each other's big cocks. Before long, Zane is pounding Brenner's hot ass raw, then moves on to Gunner. The rest is something Gunner's boyfriend will definitely beat his meat to, and so will you! Cast: Gunner Canon, Brenner Bolton, Benjamin Swift, Zane Anders