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Brazilian Cum Ons 5: Making Out

Brazilian Cum Ons 5 Making Out Alexander Pictures
Brazilian Cum Ons 5 Making Out Alexander Pictures
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These Brazilian big boys in Brazilian Cum Ons 5: Making Out don't just make out. They make love to each other's tongues, which leads to hard pumping and vacuum-like sucking in four stonking scenes. Like two Brazilian angels, Felipe and Antonio sleep enwrapped in each other's arms. They wake up and decide to skip school on their last day and instead, they sixty-nine each other which leads to to real, hot, banging action. They experiment with each other, tonguing tits and even toe kissing until both explode in white cummed rapture. Paulo brings home a delicious desert and begins to feed it to Carlos. Licking icing off of fingers becomes erotic foreplay for when Carlos offers Paulo his other present his stiff man-pole surrounded by shaved pubes below a set of hot, tight abs. Muscles are flexed until both of their man-muscles are relieved of tension by exploding white, wet jizz after a sexually extreme butt-banging session. A horny Hernando returns home from school to find his new roommate spread out naked and sleeping in their dorm room. Unsuccessful at waking him up, Hernando begins to suck Rafael's boner while he continues in deep slumber. When he awakes, Rafael is at first reluctant. Soon, however, he is enjoying Hernando's thick-as-a-soda-can cock with his wet tongue and sexy lips. Apparently Hernando loves to bottom, and Rafael pounds the shit out of him until they both erupt in hot, sexual bliss. School roommates play with each other using nothing but their naked bodies and extra-large dicks and horny hotties give each other gifts of cocks and asses, as tight holes are punctured by pine-branch-sized poles! Cast:Antonio De Capos, Carlos de Olivira, Darien Leon, Felipe Herrero, Hernando Roman, Paulo Colimbra, Rafael Lopez, Rico Vidal