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Boy Band

Boy Band
Boy Band Catalina
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If you ever imagined the guys from N'Sync or Backstreet Boys doing each other, Boy Band will really help you visualize it. While all the performers provide a lot of comedy, none does it better than Sharon Kane providing her best impression of a raving female record exec (bad wig and all). She spends most of the dvd berating Steve Rambo and spouting lots of expletives. She has dispatched Rambo to sign the lead singer for her hot new boy band, but unfortunately, his car breaks down. He wanders the back roads, stumbling upon Brad McGuire's Deliverance-inspired house. Soon McGuire has Rambo on his knees working over McGuire's cock and giving up his ass to him. McGuire also gives a comic over-the-top performance as a backwoods hick. Meanwhile back in the city, Kane's associates Chad Hunt and Ray Harley are about to sign a drummer, but they have hatched a scheme to make the boy submit to them before they tell him he has the job. He semi-reluctantly does, but gamely goes down on Hunt's cock eventually taking that thick pole up his ass. Needless to say they give him the job. Cast: Devon Barry, Kurt Wagner, Chris Sullivan, Court Logan, Steve Rambo, Brad McGuire, Marco Paris, Chad Hunt, Tuck Johnson, Danny Chance, Chad Williams, Matt Ryder, Ryen Matthews, Jessie Cooper, Ray Harley