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Booted Club Inferno
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Get ready for some balls-to-the wall boot loving action in Booted with a whole crew of nasty boot-licking, fist-craving, studs! Evan Matthews welcomes new Club Inferno fist-pig Mark Masterson by getting down on all fours to lick and worship his boots. Dick-pig Matthews wastes no time working his way up to Masterson's bulging crotch, where he rips open his jeans to reveal a rock-hard throbbing monster. Masterson takes over and rubs his cock up and down Matthews' ass crack until Matthews begs him to stick it in. After a pounding fuck session the muscular Masterson pulls out an enormous dildo and works over Matthews' hole. The intense anal probing gets Matthews' rosebud extended and ready for some hot fisting action. Masterson pummel-fucks the greedy bottom then pulls out his secret weapon, a custom made black latex boot-dildo. Matthews' rides the boot until he blows his load! Club Inferno top man Justin Wells walks into a boot shop and finds a new boy doing the leather work, newcomer Ryan Raz. Fresh from the Midwest with sandy blond hair and piercing green eyes, Raz exudes an innocence that drives Wells wild. Wells shoves his boot in Raz's face and orders him to lick - then throws him up on a nearby bench and opens his hole with a thick black dildo. Raz's thick cock remains rock hard as the dominate Wells breaks him into the world of handball action, shoving his fists in and out of his tight hole. Raz jacks off as Wells punches his ass with his lubed up fist until he shoots gobs of cum and eats it. Now that's customer service! Cigar-smoking top Adam Faust takes Alex DeLarge's chair at the boot black station. In seconds DeLarge turns his concentration from Faust's boots to his crotch, giving him some expert oral attention. As the young bootblack works over his hard cock Faust decides to show him how real men play. Faust throws DeLarge on all fours and begins to ply his greedy hole with a series of butt plugs and dildos - each one bigger than the last. Will our young bootblack discover a whole new arena in which to play? From the looks of his cumshot he'll be back for more! Cast: Adam Faust, Alex Delarge, Evan Matthews, Jonathan Doe, Josh West, Justin Wells, Mark Masterson, Ryan Raz