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Big Wood

Big Wood Falcon Studio
Big Wood Falcon Studio
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You'll find that the Big Wood is lusty, dark and deep and nine intrepid scouts are out for the adventure of their lives. Along the hidden trails, within their private campsites and around some rustic cabins, there is pleasure to be found and these horny hunks are on the prowl eager to stake their claim and watch their mighty timbers rise and fall. After pissing out his campfire, Chaz Riley takes a hike and comes upon Landon Conrad playing with his cock and Chaz wants in on that action. He swoops in and swallows Landon's woody down his gullet, noshing hungrily away on its hefty thickness. Next it's Landon's turn and once Chaz's sweet sphincter is ready and slicked with spit, Landon fucks him hard until they both explode with bursts of cum. Jayden Grey and Dominic Pacifico leave their tent and head off to the showers. Under a refreshing blast of water, the two happy campers make out and get down 'n dirty. Their frisky man-on-man foreplay attracts Zac Blake and he quickly joins the duo to single-handedly tune their meat whistles as birds chirp away in the background. Rolling a wheelbarrow of heavy logs around is hard work and Steven Daigle is pooped. So when horny Aden Jaric drops by and teases him with a lewd proposal, Steven happily stops to take the muscled visitor up on his offer. Aden knows his way around wood, especially the one that's standing erect and stiff outta Steven's crotch. Burly Mitchell Rock is getting quite a workout splitting logs, his muscled arms flexing firm and strong with every swing of his axe. Landon Mycles is drawn to the hunky woodsman and ambles up close to him with mischief on his mind. Mitchell is anxious to get more familiar with the young man and even put the screws to him, and they soon start to rock 'n roll. Dominic Pacifico's found a clearing on the campgrounds where he decides to pass the time. No stick of wood to whittle down so he steps outta his dungarees and starts rubbing himself all over. He grabs hold and strokes his thick uncut cock, plays with his big balls and tweaks his tits. He grasps his nuts with his right fist and with his left hand he slides up and down the shaft. The stroking starts slow then builds up faster and faster until he finally shoots his load. The final scenes sees Zac Blake stripped down to his tighty whities, stroking his cock. His briefs can barely contain his already engorged love muscle so he shakes them off and really goes to town on himself. Zac teases his hole and plunges a couple of fingertips inside before returning to work on his smooth dick. He is lost in the sensations he's creating and he relaxes, eyes closed, head tilted back while his hand continues flying back and forth the shaft in a rapid rhythm causing him to finally explode with cum. The Big Wood is 90 minutes of gorgeous Falcon men doing what they do best! Cast: Aden Jaric, Chaz Riley, Dominic Pacifico, Jayden Grey, Landon Conrad, Landon Mycles, Mitchell Rock, Steven Daigle, Zac Blake

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