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Big Rig Bears

Big Rig Bears Pacific Sun Entertainment
Big Rig Bears Pacific Sun Entertainment
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Art imitates life in the new economy as Jake Mitchell (shaved head, goatee, furry chest) arrives at work one day in Big Rig Bears only to be fired by his trucker boss, Dillon Press. Mitchell, however, appeals this decision to downsize by dropping his pants to reveal a jockstrap, a deliciously hairy ass, and an impressive tool. Dillon is hard pressed not to hear his case and spreads his smooth cheeks to receive Mitchell's throbbing plea for continued employment. The back-and-forth negotiations are beautifully executed and expertly shot and Jake, we are to assume, gets to keep his job when Dillon shoots a massive load while skewered from below by Jake. Next up are Dex Harden and Cutter Knight in the office toilet. Rimming and fucking ensue with Knight on the receiving end of Harden's hard-on. Andy Dill takes a crack at Jake Hansen's ass in the break room before an aggressive threeway erupts on the loading dock featuring Dillon Press, Jake Mitchell, and Dustin Longfellow. Dustin's hairy ass gets a thorough pounding by Press while bent over, and then perched on, a stack of big-rig tires. This final sequence is also nicely photographed with exceptionally crisp overhead shots of Dillon slipping in and out of Longfellow's hole. The cumshots are nearly simultaneous before the credits role on this fine release. Cast: Dillon Press, Dex Harden, Andy Dill, Jake Mitchell, Jake Hansen, Cutter Knight, Dustin Longfellow