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Big Bro

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Big Bro Men.Com
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Big Bro is an intergenerational porn fan's wet dream! Will Braun is a troubled youth living in the Big Apple, doing what he must to survive - until he gets caught. After a time in a correctional facility, Will is ordered to get a Big Bro, who just happens to be Dirk Caber. After Will finally starts to warm up to him, Dirk thinks there's more he can teach him. Dirk provides a bit of coaching in the important skill of eating ass which Will picks up nicely. Once Will jams his dick into his mentor's cock-hungry hole, it is clear that pounding ass would be a great asset that this young man can enjoy forever. Troubled youth Zac Stevens is assigned to the Big Bro program where he meets his hunky mentor, Colby Jansen. With a little time and bonding, Zac is ready to fully open up to Colby in more ways than one. Zac has his tight hole drilled by his built Big Bro. Doug Acre is another troubled youth just trying to survive in the big city anyway he can. His lucky streak ends when he is arrested and ordered into the Big Bro program, where he meets his mentor John Magnum. Doug is pleasantly surprised when John proves to be someone with a specific set of skills, who he can learn a lot from. Cast: Will Braun, Dirk Caber, Colby Jansen, Doug Acre, John Magnum, Zach Stevens