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Bazaar Hotel (Nomades 1)

Bazaar Hotel (Nomades 1)
Bazaar Hotel (Nomades 1) Cadinot
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In the spirit of North-South exchanges, Europe sends its young to work in North Africa with the goal of transforming a riad into a multi-ethnic arts centre - a kind of rural lodge where many students live together. In Nomades (Bazaar Hotel), Timothee, a young Frenchman, sets off from Marseilles to spend the summer in the country of 1001 Nights. On the boat, he meets Karim, a young traveller returning home who owns a little hotel close to the souk in the capital's medina. He offers to let Timothée stay in his luxurious cabin, introduces him to arab hospitality and local customs, and so begins an exotic adventure. Twenty years after Harem, 17 actors show us the modern Maghreb where friendship and sensuality are one and the same thing. Dvd extras include casting scenes with several of the actors. Cast: Karim Nadir, Lucas Samara, Cyann Espaisy, Majid Akhram, Marc van Devel, Medhi Faviano, Mario Nadir, Badri el Kefi, Jacques Moulin, Ali Fartas, Tristan Giorgino, Roberto Montana, Bruno Antoniali