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Auditions 34: International Studs

Auditions 34: International Studs Lucas Entertainment
Auditions 34: International Studs Lucas Entertainment
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In Michael Lucas' Auditions 34: International Studs, Lucas takes ten horned-up men who were built for fucking and let them loose on each other. Hailing from seven different nations, watch as these sex-hungry men kiss, suck, rim, and fuck their way to climax. Following a probing interview with Michael Lucas, Ace Rockwood lays into the blonde and blue-eyed Logan Stevens with a heavy make-out, before plunging Logan’s throat with his massive black cock. Ace goes down to sample Logan’s shaft and slimes it up with globs of spit. The boys 69 and Ace ventures into uncharted territory, letting Logan rim him for the first time in his life. When it comes time to fucking, nothing can keep power-top Ace down and he flips Logan onto all-fours for a doggy-style pounding. In London on the set of a new movie, Jonathan Agassi can’t wait to strip newbie Thierry Lamasse down to his white Calvins and slurp on his thick French dick. In a space-age baroque living room, Jonathan buries his face into Thierry’s crotch with vigor and Thierry dick slaps the hairy Israeli’s hungry mouth. The two swap blowjobs before trading some slavering rimming sessions on each other’s spotless holes. Thierry fucks Jonathan so aggressively, every piece of furniture gets put to creative use. Getting his wish from the earlier interview, Jonathan flips Thierry into a chair and pounds him back. In perfect symmetry, the two take turns climaxing into each other’s mouths. Rafael Carreras is lucky to break-in 19 year old Ukrainian newcomer Ostop Blake. His sculpted body and European good looks make for a spectacular debut. Rafael slides his jeans off to reveal a rock-hard erection, which Ostop goes down on with a natural thirst. Rafael undresses his new buddy and the two perform a perfect 69, with Rafael sucking and fingering all at once. Next he rims Ostop’s clean tight hole and pounces on him like a tiger, shoving his famously big cock into Ostop’s O-Spot and the two fuck like a well-oiled machine, until they’re both covered in cum from the waist up. Martin Passoli tears off Anderson Fox’s pants and immediately shoves his cock down his throat. Sculpted and lanky, Anderson is a perfect counterpart to the thick and built Martin. Anderson thrusts his thick meat into Martin’s mouth rhythmically while Martin jacks off through his jeans. Anderson bends Martin over and teases his hole with his tongue, then with his raging hard-on. He fucks Martin silly then flips him onto his back. Martin moans in ecstasy and the two internationally foreign friends fuck until Martin cums across his washboard abs. After interviewing each other, Brian Bodine and Brian Slater get to wrestling and undressing. Bodine slurps Slater’s impressive tool and soon they find themselves in a Brian-on-Bryan 69. Slater plays with Bodine’s round black bubble butt and suits up to fuck him straight away. He slides in between his bodacious cheeks for a hot interracial fuck. The two muscular gay porn stars launch into an all-fours fuckfest until they can’t help kicking back and cumming all over themselves. Another sizzling epic from Michael Lucas. Cast: Anderson Fox, Ostop Blake, Rafael Carreras, Ace Rockwood, Brian Bodine, Bryan Slater, Jonathan Agassi, Logan Stevens, Martin Passoli, Thierry Lamasse